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    Saturday, January 9, 2010

    Hey guys,

    the first week of school has been pretty much okay, other than the fact that I got caught for practically almost everything during mass spot check, have I ever mentioned how much i fucking hate mass spot checks??? I got caught for haircolour, hairband (whataf), earholes, pinafore length, my SHOES???? WHATAFUCK????? And idk how the fuck my teacher saw my tongue stud but ya. So i had to take it out. Its still there though (thank you jolie and jiayuan!!!) So I need to buy new shoes and black hair dye. Sigh no more burgundy hair

    I've been doing my homework!!!!!!!!!!!! KUDOS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so fucking scared for Os........................................................i'm waking up at 8 tomorrow to reach my school by 9 so that I can study with karin.

    For now, I'm going to complete my homework (4 chinese newspaper articles, a math- which neither bella, nessa or shurui could complete, advanced vocab for o levels challenge 1-30 HAHAHHAA) Pictures another time guys, sorry!

    Stay gold

    ANDDDDDDDD ask away at my formspring!! Don't worry everything is anonymous and i love answering questions even though i get such weird questions sometimes, like "how many maids do you have" WTF??????

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