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    Sunday, December 27, 2009

    Hey guys! Life has been pretty okay. Things are starting to brighten up and I hope it will stay this way. :)

    I am going to make sure that nothing spoils the rest of my holiday. Time to start completing my holiday homework hahahaha i am left with physics and 2 chem worksheets, 1 social studies mind map and chinese. SIGH!!!!!!! TOMORROW I WILL COMPLETE SOCIAL STUDIES AND PRINT OUT THE 2 CHEM WORKSHEETS

    I need to go get back-to-school stuff. Like new pens erasers etcetcetc. It just occurred to me that i have never ever finished using 1 eraser before in my life. LOL i dont think anyone has...................

    will upload christmas pics another time i guess, i cannot decide on picture size


    joy said...

    STEPH you started on hw! GOSH I HAVEN'T):

    Anonymous said...

    2nd Picture = Steph Trademark