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    Saturday, December 12, 2009

    good lord ive been eating so appetite has grown so much

    we were supposed to go cycling at ecp but ending up at PAH! games HAHAHHA playing l4d2 where some weird people asked us to versus. Ended up going to town w nico + tatjna to meet shaun jw alphonsus keith brandon (tanoto) and friend. Played L4D2 again after that. What a life

    met wailing nico jez cass and bao er to go for the flea. Caught mae and megan there. Saw a bit of nessa and siobhan. I HAVE BEEN EATING AGLIO OLIO AT PASTA MANIA FOR 3 DAYS STRAIGHT

    Met wai jez cass bryan brandon and his friend mark who drove us around :) :) twas so fun having to sit in a car instead of a bus or mrt. Sadly age for driving is going to change. U r going to have to be 21 in order to drive (applies for anyone born after 1991) Sad life, sad life. Bryan treated us to ben and jerrys because he won the 150 dollar voucher at chunk fest.

    Been an average week, heres hoping next week will be better

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