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    Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    happy halloween


    Anonymous said...

    Hey babe, if you pierce your tongue, you can't pronounce some words properly right? Is it like only during the first few weeks after you pierce or its permanent?

    And, if i remove the barbell, i can pronounce properly already right?

    Lol sorry, hope you will answer them! ^^

    Stephanie said...

    yeah!! you can't pronounce anything with s or sh or x HAHA but its only temporary! :) yup once u remove it everything will be back to normal

    Anonymous said...

    Idk why ppl find u chio.. Perhaps its ur mouth and faceshape. But still, ur eyes are freakin' ugly. Ur nose too, btw. Like squidward's!

    Anonymous said...

    Okay thank you so much!! ^^

    Anonymous said...

    what camera do u use?