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    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    I sunk into the deep blue earlier today, doubt anyone knows/understands how it feels
    I should lift myself up on my own, get back on my two feet and stand tall

    #1 You fall, you pick yourself up
    #2 Stick to those you know are true
    #3 Forgive and forget
    #4 Fuck everything else

    It's weird how I behave and actually show/ express how I feel only when I am alone but recently I've been feeling very alone


    Grace said...

    you can call me and you'll not be alone

    Tatjna said...

    you're so not alone xx

    Lili said...

    We're not alone


    Carolyn said...

    Chillax babe you've got friends who actually appreciate you

    Sarah Cobrah-Louie said...

    I'm always here if you need someone t talk t love! :)

    Stephanie said...

    thanks grace, for everything
    thanks tat i love u
    i love u lili toby will be fine k
    i appreciate them too
    thanks sarah i love u

    <3 you all