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    Sunday, May 10, 2009


    more to come

    anyway i think this is really funny

    Adam says:
    i went for this party yesterday
    world wide festival
    supposed to be 60 bucks per person for tickets
    my friend's working there so i got in for free
    he brought like 6 of us in for free
    we didnt expect to go for the party cuz it was at sentosa
    when we went we were like wtf
    80% of the people there were ang mohs
    all in bikini
    some were even in thongs
    and we saw a few nip slips

    6 comments: said...

    steph mei mei so pretty :(
    omg my eyebrow piercinggggggggggggg? WHEN

    inspiration said...

    you are very perfect

    can i joint with you?

    thanks for all,


    Anonymous said...

    KISS U

    Stephanie said...

    what pretty u have gone mad eh i wanna repierce also siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa soon soon

    who r u wtf r u talking


    Anonymous said...

    hi, where did u get ur red shorts? v nice!

    Stephanie said...

    hey topshop! :)