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    Friday, May 29, 2009

    do you like to hurt?

    Life's been a hell of a routine, sometimes I feel like rotting away slowly. Like fading away so slowly that no one will remember me when I go. What do you live for? I used to say I live for my family. Well that's obviously utter bullshit, because none of your family members live for you. They tell you to drop dead, and they'd be so much better off without you. Apparently i've been

    1) A slut
    2) A bitch
    3) A fucking ahlian
    4) Worthless
    5) A fucking useless bum
    6) A good for nothing
    7) A failure at everything I do

    So fuck family over friends. Because from now on, its friends over family all the way. The 3 slaps didn't hurt as much on the outside as it did on the inside. Good for you. Oh by the way, she's a worship leader in a methodist church. I love it how she does this to me.

    Fuck expectations, fuck their dreams, fuck their bullshit on a better life, fuck plans for hope and a future. You live for yourself. No one else.


    Althea said...

    I love you forever steph even though you post my fking unglams! xxxxx

    Jezrika said...

    HERE 4 U ^^^^^^

    Stephanie said...

    <3 u thea you are not that unglam ok i am worse (as u can see)

    thanks jez!! <3 u

    Genevieve said...

    fuck parents, i love you stephanie <3

    Stephanie said...

    <3 u too gen

    Anonymous said...

    hi may i noe where did u bought ur bag? (:

    Stephanie said...

    hi which one?

    Anonymous said...

    the one in the third photo and how much is it?

    Stephanie said...

    oh i bought from wailing its vintage hahaha $12 doubt you can find it anywhere else though!