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    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    The coldest heart

    It just dawned upon me that I haven't really been the best person around, like i haven't really attended church properly and how much I've drifted from God. Its like suddenly I realised whats changed. Because I've just seen how the person I was so close to, and how she turned out. Even though she doesn't wear the most fashionable clothes, even though she doesn't have piercings or does any other stuff like that shes so pretty. Not just in the eyes of the beholder but in the eyes of so many others. Then I start to compare myself with her. Then I question, if i were a good hearted man, and if i wanted to marry someone, would it be her or me. The answer was her. You don't need clothes or wealth or anything else to modify your body to make yourself more beautiful. Because slow as I may be, I just realised you only need to be yourself, and everything else will be just right. How would I have turned out then? Maybe this is a lesson. I'm failing almost everything in school. Will this continue? I hope not. Time to start afresh again and do the best I can to salvage this whole situation. Time to turn things around I feel. Time to start anew.

    "Even if your parents don't love you; even if the world hates you, God loves you and that's enough."


    Anonymous said...

    Im behind you.... all the way. Though times may have been the hardest, Steph I believe you r strong like how you used to be. Now that you've more people to relate to, you can do it!!

    Stephanie said...