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    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Flesh and bones

    Ok only people that've watched skins will understand the video omg i think cassie is so pretty

    this is my all time favourite song by brendan benson ok anyway.. today i skipped napfa cuz i didnt bring my pe shirt and cause i had tuition. Speaking of tuition.. so i was in class when these 2 weird ah beng wannabes barged into the class. They were from Montford by the way. So they were trying to act cool or something and they were listening to their mp3s or whatever during class. So judging their appearance and all i expected like techno or some trance house nonsense music to blast out of their earpiece. But noooooooo guess what I heard. I heard TEAR DROPS ON MY GUITAR. WOW APPLAUSE PLEASE!!

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    plastickfaces said...

    "Wow" like Cassie. She's so pretty. She and Sid look sooooo hot tgt.
    And teardrops on my guitar is not a surprise lmao. Tell me why you deleted the post. talk to me.