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    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    Cabbage ensemble ha ha ha


    Hi everyone you all should check out all these blogs
    nanhua 1 nanhua 2

    not bad they viewed my space i love nuffnang, i swear once i read their posts i lmaoed. "Cabbage ensemble" "India imported cabbages" fucking funny. "We were much better than the cabbage ensemble we pwn!!!" Okaaaaaay........then why did we get a gold and why did you get a silver. Like seriously, once you get a silver you blame the judges. "The judges know nothing about harps!!! We protest!!! We are writing an appeal letter so we can get a gwh instead of a silver!!!" Ridiculous. Wth are lesbigays (nanhua 2) Seriously halfway while playing some indian dude started announcing something which totally disrupted our playing and we still got the gold. Says a lot about you guys ya? If you had been the ones getting the gold and us the silver we wouldn't even be bothered to complain all day long why the judges were wrong. Just go and practice la noobs