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    Friday, March 13, 2009

    Weekend Wars

    So its the last day of Term 1, i'm definitely not looking forward to the rest of the year. Ok... so during the holidays I'm going to do my reading and read Child C, A Child Called It, and Post Mortem. Ok god forbid the sadistic titles but oh well abuse stories rape cases ha ha haaaa, intriguing much. Tomorrow we are going downtown I am bringing my guitar to jang jang and be weird. Expect pictures.
    Sometimes I think life is just a waste of dying. Because it just suddenly occurred to me that you live, just to die in the end. Now I don't even know if heaven and hell really exists, i'm totally skeptical. Theres always a point in time where we start questioning ourselves what the hell are we even doing here on earth. We could have been a stream of unconsciousness, some weird ball of nothingness, totally non existant. And it also only occurred to me that Jesus lived only 2000 years ago. Somehow it was drilled into my brain that he roamed the earth billions of years ago with the dinosaurs. Ok call me slow or ignorant, i also just found out that ah meng is actually a girl. And in actual fact our dearly beloved ah meng has already passed away. Oh god how am I going to pass my GP next time??
    Okokokokok I owe people money plz support selling post below luv u all!!1

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