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    Saturday, March 28, 2009

    Safe as houses

    Its like a sharp pain that slowly cuts you, millimeter by millimeter, second by second, and as time passes only then would you know how much it hurts, how much you've moved from the start, how much you've inflicted, how much time can't heal. Its like breathing without air, its like choking on something thats not there. Its not the fact that you aren't given a chance, its the bare truth that they've given up, and thats what hurts. Not anything else. Because of that, you search for someone to confide in, someone who understands, but then only after a long while you start to realise you were just lonely, and you were looking for it in all the wrong places. You want to get out, but you can't. You're just stuck there. You won't budge not because you can't, not because you don't want to, its because you're becoming comfortable being that way, as much as you know the things they say aren't true, the more they say it the more it gets into your head. As much as you want to prove them wrong, you know you can't. No determination, even hope is void. The funny thing is, people think your life's perfect, but really its all so superficial and only you know that because feelings are yours and yours alone, yours to keep, yours to own. To conquer or not- your choice.


    Anonymous said...

    if pain i put plaster. if it hurts and splits, i sew back. if you choking i'll bear hug you form the back until it comes out. lonely nvm got me hehhehehehkekkekekke

    Stephanie said...

    lonely got u i contented liaoz