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    Monday, March 30, 2009


    Ok so its the time of the year where I start getting bombarded with a series of unfortunate events- mainly weird nightmares. Just this morning I woke up in cold sweat (shockingly) on the floor not knowing why. Only just a few minutes ago while watching TV i suddenly remembered the weird dream I had. So I dreamt I was Jane living in a tree house with Tarzan with 5 gorilla babies. And for some weird reason, the Tarzan in my dream was not my idea of a hot guy, it was my father. And the worst thing was the fact that we bore not 1 but 5 gorilla babies. Please imagine hairy gorillas as my offspring. Strangely Serangoon Gardens was literally this huge garden, and everyone lived in tree houses. All of a sudden there was this sudden movement a tremor of the earth or something and everything started shaking violently and the hair on my baby gorillas starting dropping off like they were balding rather badly. Then I woke up and found myself on the floor. I hope part two of the dream comes today. Till then i'm going to spend whats left of my day watching Tarzan, or playing the tarzan rubberband game with my sister.


    JOLIE MOLIE said...

    Daddy Tarzan and Steph Jane with 5 hairy gorillas, you can have one more. The hairy girl we saw today. Take her she's yours.

    Stephanie said...

    JOLIE MOLIE LOL yes omg so bad i said she cute then she give me wtf face how can?!?!?!