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    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Grapevine Fires

    They don't call it a fisheye for nothing.

    It's a fight between my heart and mind, no one really wins this time. In the endless fight of grace and pride, I don't want to win this time.
    If you don't find the love you want,
    If I have acted ungracefully
    I don't want to see you go
    I never meant to make you want to leave

    i've held back a wealth of shit but i think i'm gonna choke, i'm standing in the shadows with the words stuck in my throat and i'm frustrated with myself, but i can't change, don't want to be me anymore, and all the ticks and tocks and clicks of clocks that tell the time tell me this is just a phase.

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    Ambra said...

    baby u damn cutez